Hi all,

I’ve decided to host a contest. What’s more fun, after all, than a chance to WIN something?? Before I explain the rules, however, I have to apologize to my family on my mother’s side (which includes anyone with the last or maiden name Kurc, Courts, Hunter, Abernathy, Prasquier, and Eichenwald)—you’re not allowed to play! (Hint: you all have an unfair advantage.)

Now, on to the fun part: the contest. To win, be the first to tell me where the banner photo (above) was taken.

If you’d like to venture a guess, you can submit it via comment in the “Leave a Reply” box, or send me an email: georgia@georgialikethestate.com.

In honor of my family’s passion for all things musical, the grand prize (drum role, please) is a $25 iTunes gift certificate. Hooray!

Bonne chance! Boa sorte! Powodzenia! Good luck!