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New York Times: My Review of We Germans

Honored to review We Germans for the NYTimes Book Review, in the 8/30/20 issue devoted to World War II at 75. This does feel like an opportune moment to seek out “perspectives starkly different from our own.”

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Austin Adventures

“The Austin Adventures experience strikes a perfect balance between the familiar and the exotic, the planned and the impromptu, the challenge and the reward. Because what fun, really, is one without the other?”

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The Explorer’s Passage: Redefining Adventure Travel

“Explore an eye-popping frontier unchanged since the days of the Klondike Gold Rushers. Embark on a mystical trans-Himalayan trek, reliving the legend of the Second Buddha. Ride horseback across the Chilean/Argentinian border in the hoof prints of General José de San Martin’s Army of the Andes.” The Explorer’s Passage

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New York Times: Why We Travel

“One of my favorite parts about our [Havasu Canyon] hikes was the water crossings. We wore mesh shoes and plodded through knee-deep water that cooled us from bottom up, a welcome reprieve from the canyon’s 105-degree heat.”

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From Hippos to Hornbills in Botswana’s Okavango Delta

“Matthew held our hands as we stepped into the wobbly dugout canoe he called a mokoro. I took my perch on a wooden plank at the front, my mother on one in the back. Matthew stood between us holding a long pole. Plunging one end into the muddy bank behind us, he pushed off into…

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travelgirl: You Know You’re a Travel Girl If…

“You Know You’re a Travel Girl If… you’ve smelled the breath of a hippopotamus…you’ve run off a mountain with a man and a parachute strapped to your back…you’ve been in a country where there are more sheep than humans.”

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