Virtual Retrospective in Poland on December 11

The Resursy Cultural Center of Radom, Poland, announced that Georgia will be interviewed online at a Retrospective featuring her book, We Were the Lucky Ones, the story of the lives of her Radom-based grandfather and his family during World War II. Sponsored by Resursy, Retrospectives are interactive events held monthly to explore the history of Radom and to share insights, memories and artifacts relating to the city.

During the December Retrospective, visitors will be able to buy the Polish edition of “We Were the Lucky Ones” (“My Mieliśmy Szczęście”), much of which takes place in Radom. Georgia is grateful to Resursy’s Jakub Micek, who contributed to the narrative by assisting with fact finding about the history of Radom.

The event will also feature a vocalist performing “List” (“The Letter”), a song written by Addy Kurc when he lived in Radom. The original recording by Viera Gran may be heard here.

The Retrospective on “We were Lucky Ones” will be held on December 11, 2018, at 6:00 pm local time (12:00 pm EST), in the Chamber Room at Resursy, ul. Malczewski 16. After the event, the interview will be viewable on Resursy’s video archive (“Retrospotkanie 12“).