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CTPost Sunday Arts & Style Interview

“After escaping the Holocaust, Rowayton writer’s family members lived lives worthy of a bestselling book, and now a TV series,” headlines a CTPost story by Joel Lang. The in-depth interview appears online as well as in hardcopy in the February 17, 2019, Sunday Arts & Style section of the Norwalk Hour and other Connecticut papers. Asked about plans to televise We Were the Lucky Ones, Georgia speculated that interest probably comes from the fact that it’s a “very global story told through one family’s eyes.”

Boston School Event

At an all-school assembly, Georgia addressed the 600+ students at Noble & Greenough School, then visited classes to continue the conversation in the context of their studies in writing, genocide and power. She was impressed by their insightful questions and comments. “Talking with such smart, curious and engaged students gives me hope for the future of public discourse,” Georgia said. Parents had a chance to see a presentation and meet with Georgia the evening before.

Full House in Richmond, VA

Over 400 people turned out to hear Georgia speak about We Were the Lucky Ones at the Woman’s Club Monday Program in the elegant Historic Bolling Haxall House in Richmond, VA, on November 19, 2018. Georgia considers Richmond a second home, and it was a special honor to see so many friends and family in the audience. Here is a brief video interview with the Woman’s Club Eva Marie Clarke.

Virtual Retrospective in Poland on December 11

The Resursy Cultural Center of Radom, Poland, announced that Georgia will be interviewed online at a Retrospective featuring her book, We Were the Lucky Ones, the story of the lives of her Radom-based grandfather and his family during World War II. Sponsored by Resursy, Retrospectives are interactive events held monthly to explore the history of Radom and to share insights, memories and artifacts relating to the city.

During the December Retrospective, visitors will be able to buy the Polish edition of “We Were the Lucky Ones” (“My Mieliśmy Szczęście”), much of which takes place in Radom. Georgia is grateful to Resursy’s Jakub Micek, who contributed to the narrative by assisting with fact finding about the history of Radom.

The event will also feature a vocalist performing “List” (“The Letter”), a song written by Addy Kurc when he lived in Radom. The original recording by Viera Gran may be heard here.

The Retrospective on “We were Lucky Ones” will be held on December 11, 2018, at 6:00 pm local time (12:00 pm EST), in the Chamber Room at Resursy, ul. Malczewski 16. After the event, the interview will be viewable on Resursy’s video archive (“Retrospotkanie 12“).

What Should I Read Next?

Georgia’s conversation with Anne Bogel for her “What Should I Read Next?” podcast is live on the Modern Mrs. Darcy literary website. The interview, dubbed “The stories behind the stories we love to read,” gives listeners an inside scoop on Georgia’s process in conceiving, researching, and writing We Were the Lucky Ones, as well as some  current suggestions on what to read next.

News of TV Adaptation Spreads

“Great news, historical fiction readers,” announced BookBub. “A We Were the Lucky Ones TV show is now officially in the works!” Thomas Kail, the Tony-Award-winning director of Hamilton, is set to direct. “I am overjoyed to be partnering with [Georgia] to create a television version of this story that honors this incredible book,” Kail said. Hunter’s response: “For [Tommy] to put his signature touch on my family’s story is an honor and a thrill.” Read the full story here.

We Were the Lucky Ones optioned for TV

Deadline Hollywood announced that Thomas Kail’s Old 320 Sycamore has optioned We Were the Lucky Ones to adapt for television. Kail, who won an Emmy Award for directing Grease:Live for Fox and a Tony for directing Hamilton, will be a director and producer for the We Were the Lucky Ones TV series. Read full release.

We Were the Lucky Ones