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News of TV Adaptation Spreads

“Great news, historical fiction readers,” announced BookBub. “A We Were the Lucky Ones TV show is now officially in the works!” Thomas Kail, the Tony-Award-winning director of Hamilton, is set to direct. “I am overjoyed to be partnering with [Georgia] to create a television version of this story that honors this incredible book,” Kail said. Hunter’s response: “For [Tommy] to put his signature touch on my family’s story is an honor and a thrill.” Read the full story here.

We Were the Lucky Ones optioned for TV

Deadline Hollywood announced that Thomas Kail’s Old 320 Sycamore has optioned We Were the Lucky Ones to adapt for television. Kail, who won an Emmy Award for directing Grease:Live for Fox and a Tony for directing Hamilton, will be a director and producer for the We Were the Lucky Ones TV series. Read full release.

Screen Adaptations Announced

As soon as plans for a We Were the Lucky Ones TV series were announced, Jewish Journal’s Hollywood Schmooze column featured news of two Holocaust-themed books – We Were the Lucky One is one of them – to be adapted for the screen. The article notes, “Old 320 Sycamore has optioned Georgia Hunter’s novel, which was inspired by her grandfather’s wartime experiences.”

“Across the Miles and the Years”

The Fall edition of Virginia features a story on alumna Georgia Hunter and We Were the Lucky Ones. The article posits that Georgia’s college study of behavioral psychology helped with gathering of oral histories for the book. “She’d learned that people’s actions provide the clearest window into who they are. So instead of asking, ‘What kind of person was your father?’ she’d say, ‘Tell me his favorite joke.’ Or, ‘Tell me what annoyed you about him.'” This approach helped her “collect the compelling details that she could then imagine into conversations among her characters, bringing them to life on the page.” You can read the full article here.

“You will fall head first into this masterpiece”

“A thrilling novel is hard to put down,” says Jessica Vainer of The Baltimore Post-Examiner of her “top book picks.” She singles out five novels for which to “buckle up for an adventurous ride to depths of breathlessness,” including We Were the Lucky Ones, about which she promises, “…you will fall head first into this masterpiece and never come out.”

TV Feature Weaves Historical and Musical Threads

A recent HEC-TV interview delves into the historical and personal environments that frame the themes of We Were the Lucky Ones. Music and images are woven throughout the “First Person, One on One” interview, conducted by host Paul Schankman and filmed in St. Louis. While Georgia describes her research findings and the family’s legacy, her grandfather Addy’s music, including his moving ballad, “List,” a pre-war hit in Poland, can be heard in the background.

“Books give us pause to be thankful”

Ted Buss writes in The Wichita Falls Record News that “sometimes it is healthy to revisit history” and singled out We Were the Lucky Ones as an “outstanding” book that will leave readers “moved and educated,” giving us “every reason to take a knee on the Fourth of July and thank God for all who paid for our freedom.”

“Booktalk” interview on KGNU

During the Colorado leg of her June 2018 book tour, Georgia was interviewed for KGNU’s Booktalk, where authors reveal the story behind the story.

We Were the Lucky Ones