Author’s Reflections

I was fifteen years old when I learned that I came from a family of Holocaust survivors.

Schlomo (Sol) and Nechuma with their children (from left), Addy (my grandfather), Jakob, Halina, Mila, and Genek

The discovery sparked a dizzying array of questions, the most unsettling of which was: Why was I just learning this now? I tried to imagine my quirky, ebullient relatives on the set of Schindler’s List, but I couldn’t. In search of answers, I began digging, little by little unearthing a family history unlike any I’d ever heard before.

My family, by all accounts, shouldn’t have survived the Holocaust. The odds were against them. Their stories, I soon discovered, were too remarkable to be left untold.

A New York Times Best Seller

In its first week in paperback, We Were the Lucky Ones hit the New York Times Best Seller List at number 5! Thank you, readers, for this astounding start to 2018!